2017 North Carolina Affordable Housing Conference
October 25–26, 2017 Raleigh Convention Center
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Thank you to all who attended the 2017 NC Affordable Housing Conference: Housing Works!

Presentations from this year’s conference can be found below. (If a session is not shown, there were no presentations for it.)
Check back here next year as we put together another great conference for October 24-25, 2018!

Opening Session:

David J. Erickson: Comprehensive Community Development 4.0: or creating the market that values health

Investing In Results

Housing Credits 101: Learn the Basics
LIHTC 101 – The “Not So Basic” Basics

Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities: What’s Available
North Carolina’s Supportive Housing Programs

Keeping Rural Communities on the Map with Affordable Housing
Neighborhood Stabilization & Revitalization in Rural Communities
Choanoke Area Development Association of North Carolina

Leveraging Funding for Single-Family Rehabilitation and Weatherization
Single-Family Owner Occupied Rehab and Repair Programs
Section 504 Loans and Grant

Putting the CRA to Work for Your Business
OCC Guidance on Higher Loan to Value Lending in Communities Targeted for Revitalization

Transition: Are You Ready for the Shift?
Planning and Preparing for Major Shifts in America

Housing North Carolina Award Videos
Parkside Commons (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-_j1hEovv0)
Dodd Meadows (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKygJjPYQ8M)
Hope Court (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pxx6XVSytg)
Mother Teresa Villa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYda0VHVo5Y)

Annual Developers Workshop
What’s New?
Draft 2018 QAP

Emerging Topics in Fair Housing Law
Recent Developments in Fair Housing Law

Unique Housing Partnerships Create Community Living Options
Unique Housing Partnerships Create Community Living Options

Disaster Recovery Efforts in North Carolina
Hurricane Matthew Recovery
State of North Carolina Hurricane Matthew: HMGP Update

Strategies for Housing Affordability in Local Government
Housing Affordability in Local Government
City of Asheville

Healthy Nonprofits: Managing for Sustainability
Self-Assessment for Nonprofits–What’s your Financial Status?
Managing for Sustainability

Partnerships to Achieving Successful Community Housing
Partnerships to Achieving Successful Community Housing

Disaster Recovery Case Study: Local Response and Grassroots Efforts
Hurricane Matthew Recovery Southeastern NC
Disaster Relief Infographic

Transforming Communities Through Home Ownership
Factory-Built Housing
A New Paradigm for Affordable Housing
Transforming Communities Thru Homeownership: Durham’s West End Community

Leveraging FHLBA Financing for Supportive Housing
Leveraging Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Financing for Supportive Housing

Affordable Home Ownership: It Starts at Closing
Let’s Make Home Happen—Affordably!

How NCSERVES Helps Veterans
Transforming the Delivery of Resources for North Carolina’s Transitioning Service Members, Guardsmen, Veterans and Their Families

Aging in Community: Alternative Models to Affordable Housing
Flourishing Together: Life Compass Plan
Aging in Community
Home Safety and Modifications in Planning for the Future

When Communities Push Back: Strategies for Engagement
When Communities Push Back: Strategies for Engagement

Mapping Affordable Housing
Housing Affordability Project
Spread Far, Stretched Thin: Mapping Affordable Housing in North Carolina
The University of North Carolina Greensboro Center for Housing Studies

HUD's Final Rule and What It Means for Your Counseling Agency
HUD Requirements for Developing a Housing Counseling Work Plan
NCHC HUD Intermediary Updates 2017